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Halloween in the city of Austin is kind of a big deal. Starting from the two weeks before the actual day of Halloween you will find people around downtown Austin dressed up in some kind of costume!

There are so many different events that are going on around Austin during this time, free and paid, that you will have no excuse not to dress up yourself and join the fun. I, myself, usually don’t partake in the Halloween adventures but thought I would step out of my comfort zone this year and attend one of Austin’s most famous Halloween events, The Zombie Ball. It is exactly how it sounds, a bunch of zombies and some people dressed in regular costumes with out the scary zombie make-up. This years event had Black Joe Lewis headlining and it was absolutely awesome.

They have different shows going on throughout the ACL Live venue that kept everyone entertained.Over all, the event was a blast and I would recommend it to anyone who has $40 to spare for an amazing Halloween experience!

It was my first time hearing and seeing Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears but I am glad that took advantage of the opportunity because he put on a great show! I didn’t think to research him before I went to the event but for

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some reason assumed he was some old “funk” singer from the 70s who was going to play a collection of oldies and hip-hop. (Not exactly sure how I populated that assumption.) Although he did play funk music, he’s a new guy, he was definitely not from the 70s. His music was awesome and I would compare him to one of my favorite musicians, Gary Clark Jr. Nevertheless, it was a pleasure to have watched him perform this Halloween. His band partook in the event theme and were referred to as the “Zombiebears.” They even wore ripped clothing and resembled the “walking dead” amongst many of the other people at the event. Below is a little preview of Black Joe Lewis and the “Zombiebears.”


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