My Experience

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So sad this is my last post for the semester. Over the course of the semester I not only learned how to manage a blog and work on my personal brand, but I got to experience the wonderful city that I live in! I have to say, I have never been one to blog but I really enjoyed being able to write about the things I do, and then gain a couple of followers! There are tons of things I learned that I could do differently as far as gaining an audience by making them interested in my blog. I also learned that I need to find something I am genuinely passionate about because it would make it way easier to keep up with a blog and will motivate me to write more. I also got to learn how to use social media the correct way. Not that I used it “wrong” per say, but I always knew how most people use it was not correct. Now that I KNOW they are using it wrong, I feel better expressing my opinions about it! Before this class, I never used Storify or even knew what it was. After being able to create my own story through Storify it made me more interested in the social media site. It is such a great tool to be able to show stories about your interest but through the eyes of other people and how they feel about the subject. I can’t wait to be able to use these things in my career! I plan to try and keep this blog and add to it as I keep experiencing more and more in the wonderful city of Austin, Texas.


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